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Job Skills Courses

Each quarter, Country Breeze Academy offers a rotating schedule of Job Skills courses that help Farmers seek employment, whether its on-Farm jobs in the kitchen, barn or greenhouses or off-Farm employment at area businesses and organizations. At Country Breeze Farm Farmers can choose from classes such as Organic Farming, Office Filing, Store Services, Cleaning Maintenance, Greenhouse Work, Grocery Clerking, Food Service, Animal Care, Aquaculture, and Grounds Care. Farmers can take 10 different major Job Skills courses over multiple quarters, whereby each of those courses provide many different job opportunities.

Project Discovery

Most Job Skills courses utilize Project Discovery, a curriculum developed by Education Associates, an industry leader in educational experiences for learners with special needs. This nationally-renowned program is among the most widely-used of its kind in the United States. Project Discovery’s curriculum has been validated by the U.S. Department of Education and endorsed by the American School Counselors Association. Project Discovery features dynamic, hands-on learning modules that include competency requirements, assessments, activity worksheets, and DVDs with computer activities. Our professional educators utilize smartboards, video segments and other methods to provide the Farmers with a flexible, interactive, and engaging experience.

Classrooms Education and Hands-On Training

The Job Skills courses are taught in the classrooms in Country Breeze Farm’s Multi-Use Building and on the Farm for ‘hands on’ experience. Our educators use Project Discovery’s modules to provide vocational training and program-completion certification for many types of real-world jobs for those that are able and interested in working outside of Country Breeze Farm. 

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