Off-Farm Fun Social Adventures

Country Breeze Farm is an amazing farm with incredible visual appeal, located within the Appalachian mountain range near the beautiful Smoky Mountain National Park, and in close proximity to several flourishing local communities that embrace the Farmers. For this reason, our residents and day clients can choose from many off-Farm adventures. Ranging from local hikes, lake/river activities, to all the amusement and show experiences in the tourist area of Pigeon Forge or Knoxville. There is a plethora of things to do and something available for everyone's capabilities and interests.

Special Olympics

A highlight at Country Breeze Farm, Special Olympics enjoys a high level of participation, with Farmers who compete every year in bocce ball, track and field, golf and basketball. Country Breeze Farm organizes the registration, transportation and participation requirements for Farmers to compete in local, regional and state Special Olympics tournaments.


Hiking Club

Formed for Farmers to enjoy the natural beauty of our surrounding area and experience physical, mental and spiritual benefits, the hiking club is designed for groups of Farmers. Hikes are made accessible based on individual interests and capabilities. There is an abundance of excellent hiking trails in east Tennessee that provide truly enjoyable experiences, great exercise, incredible scenic rewards from beautiful forests to waterfalls to amazing overlooks.

Community Activities

Many Farmers seek activities available in local communities. Farmers take special-interest classes like dancing and crafts. A local bowling alley is a favorite destination for social events and practice for the Special Olympics.


Field Trips

Throughout the year, Country Breeze Farm offers educational field trips to experience natural wonders or cultural attractions such as the Smoky Mountain National Park, many area State Parks, excursions into Knoxville, and to various regional events such as the fair, shows, and more. Participation is optional so Farmers can choose the field trips that are most appealing based on their interests.

Family Trips and Vacations

Farmers always are provided the freedom allowed to go out on day outings or vacations with their family. In addition, families of Farmers who reside elsewhere in the country find that east Tennessee serves as a wonderful vacation spot, and thoroughly enjoy their time visiting their loved one at Country Breeze Farm.