On-Farm Fun Social Activities

Free time is fun time at Country Breeze Farm!  Our residents and day clients, called Farmers, enjoy plenty of free time on the Farm to socialize with one another, participate in activities and games, or explore their own special interests. With many indoor and outdoor options available every day, Farmers always have friends to be with, favorite activities to look forward to and many new experiences to try. They also have the opportunity to practice for various Special Olympic events.

Social Activities

Located at the center of the Country Breeze Farm, our multi-purpose building provides the perfect indoor venue where Farmers enjoy playing games, shooting basketball hoops, dances, talent shows, assemblies, movie time, bingo, plays, performances, singing, and special events.






Outdoor Fun

Amenities include an outdoor basketball court, walking paths, exercise stations, gazebos, a pavilion, and a field area for athletic pursuits such throwing the frisbees,  playing soccer, flying kites, and more. 


Interacting with Volunteer Groups

Mission groups and volunteers frequently come to Country Breeze Farm and bring their own brand of sparkle to the Farm. Volunteer groups engage Farmers in all types of special group activities – craft-making, dances, games, barbecues, healthy treat socials, worship events – all combined with lots of personal interactions.



Holiday Celebrations

Major holidays are celebrated in the traditional way and integrated into the Farm experience – eating holiday-themed food, singing songs, doing crafts and enjoying the spirit. Some examples include the Valentine’s Day dance, St. Patrick’s Day corned beef and cabbage meal, Easter egg hunt, 4th of July barbecue, Thanksgiving dinner, and many Christmas celebrations.