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Physical Fitness

A variety of activities are available every day at Country Breeze Farm to encourage Farmers to maintain excellent physical health. In addition to helping out on the farm, there many other opportunities are available for physical fitness. Activities vary based on Farmer interest but can include everything from organized classes include stretching, supervised fitness center time, hula dancing, walking, shooting basketball, outdoor games, to many other activities. The overarching goal is to help each individual improve their health and physical capabilities in a way that he or she enjoys.

Country Breeze Farm offers fitness opportunities and exercise classes on a regular basis. In addition, Farmers also have the opportunity to be involved in active offsite excursions, such as group hikes.


Fitness Center

The Fitness Center is thoroughly enjoyed on the farm. Equipped with a wide variety of exercise equipment, the fitness room enables Farmers to exercise in ways they enjoy. Trained staff supervise, encourage, and assist the Farmers to reach their goals for optimum weight, strength, and overall health.


The most prevalent fitness activity at Country Breeze Farm is walking. Many Farmers have managed their weight by walking with friends and staff during leisure time. Using simple diagrams, the fitness paths also challenges participants to work on balance, stretch, and strengthen muscles by doing exercises.

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