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Resident Housing


Country Breeze Farm provides exceptional housing for our resident Farmers. Our fully licensed, ADA-compliant facilities are newly constructed and tastefully decorated, offering modern, high-quality living conditions for every Farmer. Our housing provides a safe haven where Farmers enjoy the comforts of home and being part of a community, while preserving their desire for independence and privacy.

At Country Breeze Farm, home is a warm place where Farmers enjoy downtime and receive personal care in familiar surroundings. Separate housing for men and women accommodates 10 Farmers in each, who have private bedrooms with need specific furnishings and nice décor.


Resident Care
The housing facilities have a team of professional caregivers who ensure a caring, supportive environment for each individual and the group as a whole 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Caregivers are key to ensuring that everything happens on schedule, everyone’s needs are addressed, and residents are safe at all times.

Home Lifestyle
In a central, common area, residents gather for meals, socializing, play games, can watch edifying entertainment on the screen, and participate in other activities. Inherently, the Farmers become a “family” that celebrates birthdays and other life events together, shares common experiences, and looks out for one another along the way.

Home Amenities
Country Breeze Farm is equipped with a full kitchen where caregivers, with the help of Farmers, prepare meals and snacks. Farmers are also provided opportunities to help in the laundry room and obtain assistance to utilize the computer area.

Day Clients
Farmers who attend Country Breeze Farm just during the day, or for part of the day, also feel at home. There are relaxing common areas that all Farmers enjoy. Fun, social interaction, relaxing downtime, games, occasional singing, edifying entertainment on the screen, and other activities make this an enjoyable place for the Farmers to hang out when they are not busy participating in other activities, helping out on the farm, or on a group excursion into town.

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