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Spiritual Life

Country Breeze Farm is a faith-based organization. Christian values and practices are integrated into our culture, and behavior guidelines are based on the Golden Rule. 

Country Breeze Farm believes that spirituality is important to the overall well-being and health of our Farmers. We encourage every Farmer to have a rich spiritual life, to grow in their faith, and to cultivate their spiritual gifts. Our pastoral team spearheads spiritual activities and facilitates the participation of staff and volunteers to embrace a Christian attitude at all times.

Every person is created in the image of God and therefore has significant value. Country Breeze Farm believes that everybody, including people with disabilities, has God-given potential that should be optimized. This is best accomplished through services that address the needs of the whole person―physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

Meals are always started with a prayer. Breakfast is followed up with Christian songs. And a brief message pertaining to the Gospel or Christian values is sometimes provided at mealtimes. However, participation in these activities is optional.

We provide a Sunday worship service for Farmers who desire to attend. We also provide transportation and supervision for Farmers to attend local churches, if that is their desire. 

As a Christian organization, we maintain Biblical values and ethics. We do not prohibit our services from individuals and families, or withhold employment, from those who do not share our beliefs. Therefore, we are not discriminating against those we serve or employ. In fact, we believe that our compassionate, caring services and operational methods are an excellent way to share the gospel to nonbelievers who desire to learn more about the gospel. Additionally, many families taking care of an adult with an intellectual disability, as well as many individuals seeking employment, are specifically looking for a solid Christian organization, such as ours, because of the strong moral and ethical way in which affairs are conducted. As an interesting note, Tennessee (as with most other states) regulations specify that service providers must provide a means for their clients to access religious participation if they desire to do so. 


Our Core Values

✔︎We believe in the authority of God’s Word.
✔︎We believe Jesus Christ is central to all we do.
✔︎We believe in the value of every person, no matter their ability.
✔︎We believe in humble service.
✔︎We believe in helping people achieve their very best.
✔︎We believe in transparency and integrity in all we do.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to serve Christ through obedience to his Word, with the goal of exalting Him by having a loving attitude towards others in all that we think, say, and do. This motivation prompts a commitment to excellence in our ministry to our special Farmers, their families, staff, and the community in which we interact.

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